About Beach Hut Arugam Bay

Being in Arugam Bay for over 20 years, the name ‘Ranga’s Beach Hut’ has become extremely popular among visitors to the area. Started by Ranga in 1989, it began as a small guest house where Ranga would host visitors and prepare home cooked food. From those humble roots, Beach Hut has persevered through the Sri Lankan civil conflict and the 2004 tsunami to grow into the famous tourist hotspot it is today.

The entire premises are designed in an eco-friendly manner; most of the dwellings and the restaurant have been built using natural materials. It has also been designed around the vegetation in the area, keeping the place shady and cool while also creating an almost surreal setting for guests.

Even through the substantial growth it has experienced, Beach Hut has managed to retain its charming and inviting atmosphere. The friendliness of the staff contributes greatly to the guest experience at Beach Hut, and their excellent service has lead to several delighted guests.

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